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Super Energy Bites

Posted in Food Recipe By JoanneGarris

Last week, there were some energy bites vibes in the air. My friend, Courtney made some delicious summery citrus energy bites and my sister in-law, Nu made some really delicious ones rolled in chia seeds. In addition to that, H and I were thinking of ways to cut back on our sweet treats (ice-cream, cake and chocolate) and energy bites popped up in conversation. Naturally, I can’t seem to get energy bites out of my head or taste buds so I have decided to make some too. I had some pistachios handy and totally think that these pretty green bites will inspire the inner Hulk in you.

Super Energy Bites RecipeWhen I first tried an energy bite, it was from a health store designed to boost your protein intake. It didn’t taste very good. It was dry, artificially sweet and it had too much cocoa so it had that sour bitter after taste.

Fast forward, thanks to the popularity of the Paleo and sugar-free diet reintroduced these energy bites/balls and they are now all the rage. There are so many out there now that I can practically just eat energy balls as a sweet snack replacement. They are easy, delicious and practically sugar-free (depending on what if you think dates are a form of ‘sugar). Since I am not on a particular diet so these are the perfect sweet alternative that stops us reaching for the naughty cookie, chocolate or cake. I have made a few versions of energy bites, normally using what I have in the pantry. Packed with delicious goodness and the kids won’t even know it is not real chocolate (trust me, my niece devoured these like they were Ferrero Rocher.

You can use a vitamix or a powerful blender to make these but seeing we have the Thermomix, I made the nut mix of these in under 30 seconds! Talk about a quick sweet fix! I simply rolled these up into balls, rolled them in crushed pistachios and popped them into the fridge to set. Or you can ‘taste test’ a few while you are rolling them.

You can practically created a hundred different variation of these energy bites, simply play around with the nuts and binding agent (the oil component) and flavours. I love using Tahini or Mayver’s Original Super Spread (that stuff is addictive, I sometimes eat it with a spoon… no carrot required).

Also a big shout out to the lovely and inspiring, Courtney started a food blog, “My Abundant Plate” documenting her amazing recipes which are mostly sugar-free and she made a delicious zingy and citrus energy bite that is super yummy! She does some amazing sweet dessert alternatives and yummy meals. Make sure to her Instagram too! She is a barre teacher so she might be teaching you barre at a Melbourne studio near you.

What are your favourite energy bites combinations? Do you have wild ones that taste like Pina Coladas (oh, I would love that!) or super healthy ones that doesn’t use dates. I would love to know them all! haha.

Super Energy Bites Recipe

Super Energy Biteswhat you need

  • 120g pitted Medjool dates
  • 40g raw almonds
  • 25g pistachios (unshelled)
  • 20g raw cashews
  • 1 tsp of vanilla bean paste
  • 40g dessicated coconut
  • 10g cocoa powder
  • 20g of Super Spread (Mayvers)
  • 20g of pistachios crushed for coating

how to make it

  1. Process pistachios 3 seconds on speed 7
  2. Process nuts for 10 seconds on speed 10
  3. Scrape down sides and add remaining ingredients in this order: coconut, cocoa, vanilla bean paste, superspread, dates & process 15 seconds on speed 10
  4. Roll into ball shapes & roll in some crushed pistachios

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