happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have

About me

Hello there!

Thanks for stopping by the blog, I hope you are having a lovely time having a little look around.

You would think that writing about yourself should come easily… especially when I have blogged for over a year. But the truth is, I could never really find the right way to say, “Hello! This is me and my blog.”

So, I am taking my friend’s advice and I am going tell you a little about myself and the blog in dot points because everything sounds a little funnier and less daunting in dot points. So, here we go!


Name: The name in part comes from this amazing album called Happenstance by Rachael Yamagata and in part what the word itself represents. I was listening to this album on repeat during a darker time in my life while I was still a closet pro-crastibaker. This album pulled me through a tough time and I started to see the joy in discovering things by pure coincidence, and trust me – it happened a lot when I baked. I stopped fretting over the small stuff and learn that you can’t always control every aspect of your life. Not long after the cloud of doubt cleared, I decided that blogging would be a good way to expand on my creativity and explore new things.

Topic: It is primarily a food blog. I share with you recipes I have made and enjoyed from other food blogs, cookbooks and websites, places to eat and visit with the occasional sprinkling of my thoughts on life. I can sometimes be a bit of a lazy cook/baker and prefer to indulge in simple recipes and not elaborate or complicated ones.

Growth: Recently, I took a break from blogging. I blogged about my uncertainty of continuing InHappenstance as a food blog. Going forward, I am hoping to grow with my blog and slowly evolve it into something a little more meaningful and personal.

Why: Why was it necessary for me to start a blog? It started as a way to share my recipes with family and friends, but after my blog hiatus of nearly 6 months, I discovered that blogging was my outlet to explore a more creative side of myself through cooking/baking, photographing and writing.