Super Energy Bites

Super Energy BitesLast week, there were some energy bites vibes in the air. My friend, Courtney made some delicious summery citrus energy bites and my sister in-law, Nu made some really delicious ones rolled in chia seeds. In addition to that, H and I were thinking of ways to cut back on our sweet treats (ice-cream, cake and chocolate) and energy bites popped up in conversation. Naturally, I can’t seem to get energy bites out of my head or taste buds so I have decided to make some too. I had some pistachios handy and totally think that these pretty green bites will inspire the inner Hulk in you.

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Zuchinni, Carrot and Salmon Fritters with Bean salad

So I realise it has been a while since I have checked in on the blog. What a crazy few weeks it has been. I have so much that I am bursting to share but as life is moving at such a fast pace, I have hardly had the time to pick up the camera and do a nice slow cook. I am writing this post as I roughly pack for my bridal party in Sydney with my girlfriends. (I know… life’s tough sometimes… haha)

So while I realise that this food post is not ‘groundbreaking’, I did want to share with you a quick and delicious lunch I made myself the other day. After all, who says no to Fritters. I have tried to eat more vegetables and include wild salmon into my diet as per instructions from my Naturopath and these fritters offer a great balance to eat my veggies and my salmon too.

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A few weeks ago, my lovely future mother-in-law gifted me a beautiful Le Creuset cast iron pot and I could not resist the temptation of making something delicious in it. I chose to try out a bolognese recipe. In all its simple and uncomplicated glory.

The sauce turned out pretty delicious. I should note that this recipe has zero sugar, no carbs, no root vegetables and uses fresh tomatoes and not passata/puree. It smelled amazing and the flavours really started to depend and get that hearty flavour to it as it simmered on low for nearly 4 hours.
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Dinner in 20 minutes plus a dessert | Quick Meals

Say what? Do your eyes deceive you, is there actually a new post on this blog? Why yes… indeed here it is! After nearly 3 weeks away from the blog, I am back!

Apologies for not posting enough on this blog, as work, wedding planning and other sporting activities have kept me super busy without a spare weekend to cook and photograph in a while. In fact – I have had every weekend booked since my last post. Each weekend has been filled with wonderful and exciting events including: a two day Quidditch tournament, a combined 80th & 70th surprise birthday celebration and hosting my lovely friend, Carolyn when she came down for a weekend visit from Sydney.

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