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Feel free to send me any feedback, thoughts and comments via the comments section below or email me at I look forward to hearing from you.

Why not, keep in touch via all things social media?
  • Instagram – Mainly food photos. I am pretty much the serial food photo Instagram offender.
  • Pinterest – Also, mainly food photos of all the things I want to make and eat. (I am thinking of making a Pinterest board solely dedicated to Donuts because I really think there needs to be a solid donut category…). You will also find that I have a thing for stripes and white interiors.
  • Twitter – Mostly twitter worthy moments or when I check into an awesome eatery.
  • Tumblr – My very first foray into blogging started with tumblr. An old collection of thoughts, giggle worthy gifs, the occasional ’emo’ post etc.

x Lynnette

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