Anzac Biscuit

Sometimes when I am craving biscuits to go with my tea and I want a quick and easy fix, I turn to the good ol’ Anzac Biscuit. It truly is the Unsung Hero of easy baked treats. It’s pretty golden colour and beautiful toasted coconut and butter aroma when you are baking them really makes it a crowd pleaser.   

Easy baked sweet treats are easily my favourite. Easy to make, quick to bake and even quicker to eat! I often have all the essential ingredients right there in the pantry, so when I am craving something sweet, I can get my hands dirty, get creative and bake a sweet treat. Granted it will be a slower reward than going the shop, picking a block of chocolate (Whittakers Hazelnut please!) and then gobbling it down, but if you love to bake, you would be using that chocolate for other purposes. Continue Reading

Triple Chocolate Strawberry Surprise

 Instagram loved the photo of this cake. The smooth and decadent buttercream combined with the floral display of strawberries and chocolate buttons promises your taste buds that this cake will take as good as it looks. However, ….Appearances can be deceiving.  Whilst the photo above displays a mouth-watering decadent chocolate cake that promises to send you into a sugar coma, this cake actually evolved from a pretty big baking disaster.

Everyone has a baking disaster story to tell. Some are easy to shake off and recover from whilst others might deter you from a particular style of baking, a type of dessert or worse, working with a particular combination of ingredients. (tempered chocolate comes to mind!)

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Celebration Pancakes

You are probably wondering what is so special about these pancakes. Looks pretty, has some cream, berries and cinnamon sugar on them. Nothing too out of the ordinary. As I made these ‘celebration’ pancakes for breakfast this morning, I found smiling from ear to ear as H and I had a lot to celebrate.

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How to make the perfect butter scones

Nothing makes a better afternoon tea companion than scones. It’s light and fluffy texture paired with simple jam and cream is a classic loved by many people around the world. Scones have been a staple afternoon tea treat in my life for years. As a lover of scones, I have tried making them all. Buttermilk scones, lemonade scones, cheese scones, pumpkin scones etc. Almost every recipe out there offers the creation the perfect light and fluffy sconeSo — what happens when all you want is that simple fluffy buttery scone that tastes great with jam and cream? One that is quick to whip up and goes into your tummy even quicker? How do you sort out the ‘classics’ from the ‘traditional’, the ‘lemonade’ from the ‘soda’?Continue Reading